Rock Pods – cupping

What are Rock pods?
Rock Pods are our version of cupping. They are medical grade silicone cups that come in 2 sizes. Each set of Pods has 4 large an 4 small cups and come in a convenient carry case.

What are they designed to do?
Cupping creates a decompressive force in the tissues immediately under the cup (with a compressive force created around the rim of the cup). This lifting of the tissues can be a different stimulus to the tissues and the nervous system and for some people can be a relaxing way of treating tight or sore areas. The decompressive effect is greater than that generated by RockTape but the two modalities are essentially treating the same way. It is the opposite of many other forms of manual therapy that typically create a compressive force such as massage, use of massage tools, floss bands and compression bandages.

What’s the different between these and the glass ones?
Traditionally, cupping was done with glass cups. These are heated over a flame and then quickly applied to the body part to create the suction effect. More recently, cupping sets have become plastic cups with a one-way valve at the top of the cup, with a hand operated vacuum pump generating the suction pressure. The reliance on the vacuum pump can be problematic in a clinic with multiple treatment rooms when trying to locate the pump! The Rock Pods utilise an “in-built” suction system- you can use the plunger on the top of the Pod to press down and generate a moderate level of suction, or the cup can be inverted on itself, placed over the target tissue and the edges of the cup “rolled” into contact with the skin- this creates a significantly higher level of suction. These two levels of suction allow the user to progress from a lighter suction force to a greater suction force if necessitated, but allows a lighter level of suction to be tried first. This is in keeping with our philosophy “less is more”- start with “less”, and only progress to “more” if required.

The silicone pods are also easier to travel with as they are not breakable, eliminate the need to carry the vacuum pump and come with a much more compact carrying case.

Do they slide or move after applying?
These cups do not slide well on the skin once they are applied. However they are excellent at maintaining suction pressure whilst the client moves with the Pods in place.

How long do you keep them on for?
Typically most Pods will be in place for only a few minutes at a time. The lower body areas (low back and legs) are typically able to withstand longer application times, whereas the upper body (trunk, neck and arms) may get an adequate treatment effect with shorter applications.

Will they leave a bruise?
Occasionally a small circular bruise will be left where the Pod has been. This occurs less in lower body regions and less often with the lighter suction pressure (plunger method). Bruising is not typically an aim of treatment, but may occur more readily in people who bruise easily. With this in mind we recommend shorter application times initially for these people to test their tolerance to treatment with the Pods. Applying the Pods to the face/head region is much more likely to cause a bruise and is not generally recommended.

Will they stick to body hair?
The Pods generally stick well over body hair, but if the body part has very thick, coarse hair, then a small amount of Rock Rub will usually help create the desired level of suction.